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A Bit of

Crazy Otto's History

Black and white photo of original restaurant on Sierra Highway in the 1970s

The original Crazy Otto's on Sierra Highway

Close-up black and white photo of original restaurant on Sierra Highway in the 1970s; big "EAT at Crazt Otto's Diner" sign

Otto Lindsel moved to the Antelope Valley in Southern California area in the early 1970s to be nearer to his family. With years of experience cooking for lumberjacks in northern California, it wasn't a leap for him to open a diner, even in his retirement. And thus an Antelope Valley tradition was born. Longtime customers have told stories of Otto over the years, including tales of his intolerance of customers who only ordered coffee or took a long time eating, or anyone who complained — each of them were thrown out.

Located by the railroad tracks along Sierra Highway in Lancaster, California, the original Crazy Otto's location had a single booth and a few counter seats. Due to its location next to the tracks and the rattling caused by passing trains, Otto created a numbered wheel to be spun whenever a train went by. The seat corresponding to the selected number on this wheel won a free meal. It's a tradition that continues at the Lancaster Avenue I location to this day even though the original restaurant location is no longer standing. Learn more about the original Crazy Otto's on the Lancaster location website.

Breaking Records!

If you've been to Crazy Otto’s, you know they've earned a reputation for serving the biggest omelettes in town. In June of 1993, they set out to prove it by attempting to break the record for the world's largest omelette. It came out to a whopping 1,364 square feet! They had to reclaim their "World's Largest Omelette" title again in 2002 by dishing up a massive 1,805.9 square-foot omelette made of 34,000 eggs, 50 gallons of milk, 200 pounds of cheese, 75 gallons of crushed tomatoes, and 500 pounds of bell peppers. Don't worry — the omelettes you order in-house are big, but not that big.

Guinness Records Certificate for attempting to break record for world's largest egg omelette in 1993
Photo of 2002 record attempt for largest egg omelette with omelette of over 1,850 square feet

The "Governator" Visits Crazy Otto's

In April of 2005, the “Terminator” and newly elected Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, visited one of the Lancaster locations and served patrons their morning cup of coffee, much to their awe and surprise! Will he be back?

Arnold Schwarzenegger talking to reporters during visit to Crazy Otto's Diner
Screenshot from the movie "The Odd Couple," featuring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon seated in Crazy Otto's Diner

Hollywood at Crazy Otto's!

In 1997, the Lancaster Avenue I location was in the spotlight again. In the filming of “The Odd Couple 2, Travelin’ Light,” famed actors Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau are seen eating in the dining room of Crazy Otto's!

In an average week, the multiple Crazy Otto’s Diner locations will serve well over 22,000 eggs, 3,500 pounds of hash brown potatoes, 250 pounds of fresh coffee, 325 gallons of milk, 95 whole hams, and 500 pounds of sausage to patrons in the Antelope and Santa Clarita Valleys.

Crazy Otto’s is open daily for breakfast and lunch with dinner available at select locations. Our house specialty is Prime Rib and we guarantee it'll be the best you’ve ever had. It's our pleasure to serve you quality food, generous portions, excellent service, and a relaxing place to eat. We look forward to seeing you here at our Canyon Country location, and don’t forget:

“If you leave hungry, it’s your fault.” 

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